At American Detailing Specialists, we offer the highest level of customer satisfaction and customize each job based on our customer's budget and expectation. We offer both interior and exterior treatments based on your personal needs.

For the exterior, we offer paint correction. Paint correction addresses issues such as paint swirls, marring, scratches, oxidation and any other imperfections resulting from daily driving and improper washing practices. During the paint correction phase, the paint is polished (e.g. leveling painted surface) to allow the surface to reflect light perfectly thereby producing a brilliant finish. The paint correction process will vary from car to car. Some cars will have a harder clear coat (i.e. Mercedes Benz~ ceramic clear), while others like a Porsche will have a softer clear coat. As such, polishing times will vary depending on the paint condition and selective treatment. If your need is UV protection and not paint correction, we can apply a sealant along with a carnauba wax.

Our interior services address issues ranging from carpet/upholstery stain removal to simple vacuuming and light dusting. We offer fabric and ultraviolet protection as sunlight is often unforgiving when exposed to untreated surfaces such as vinyl trim and upholstery.

We provide a no-hassle written estimate and 100% satisfaction or your money back. We want you to feel good about your vehicle's appearance and appreciate all of the hard work which has gone into "restoring that shine."